Monday, June 27, 2011

Quebec City: Holy Trinity Cathedral, June 19, 2011

On Sunday June 19th the Lord Bishop of Quebec, Dennis Drainville...

...together with the Dean, Christian Schreiner, invited author Paul Almond 
to preach at the 11 am service in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, 
the seat of the Quebec Diocese
 (this from the Cathedral Newsletter)...

Joan and I dote upon this ancient cathedral,
the seat of the Lord Bishop of the Quebec Diocese. 
Do not think too harshly of him for 
having been foolish enough to ask me to preach a sermon. 
Just glance at photos Joan took.
It is the only Cathedral that has a royal box... witnessed by the royal coat of arms there in the balcony. 

King George the third - while he was still quite compos mentis, gave 
a marvellous collection of sterling silver ornaments: candlesticks, chalice, 
platen, all beautifully preserved additions to the church.

The magnificent organ and pipes are played beautifully by the remarkable 
Benjamin Waterhouse, who sometimes uses a smaller one for other occasions.

The present Lord Bishop, Dennis Drainville, and his dynamic wife, Cynthia, 
lead the diocese, leaving most of the actual Cathedral duties to their fine Dean, 
Christian Schreiner, who got his theology degree in Germany where one must 
become proficient in — not only German and English — but also in Latin, 
Greek, and Hebrew. Quite a Dean!

After the service, Paul with Cheryl Rimmer, Cathedral Gift Shop Manager...

...and Keith Boeckner, People’s Warden, Cathedral of the 

Holy Trinity, with his wife Joan.