Monday, August 27, 2012

Shigawake Music Festival

 The Shigawake Music Festival, which runs concurrently with 
the Bonaventure County Agricultural Fair, is helping 
to put Shigawake on the map – as well as the tremendous 
sales of The Alford Saga.
Meghan Clinton, the petite organiser, thought it up, 
works all year getting bands, then is johnny-on-the-spot 
throughout, adjusting mikes, making sure recording artists are 
happy, and just running everything.
A favourite of the crowd was singer Katie Moore.
Outside, crowds packed the fair to watch volleyballs...
See the horse haul, check the prize-winning vegetables, 
buy raffle tickets for paintings, and generally 
enjoy themselves.
After sunset, the music continued...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bonaventure Fair & Music Festival

   Always an adventure!  
 This year, Paul and Ted won 16 prizes with their vegetables
— among which eight took firsts.
Paul, his cousin Elton, former DG of Shigawake, and 
Ted display more firsts. 
Elton was proud of his turnips.
Edith Mackenzie, Treasurer of St Paul who 
kept track of Pilgrim Sales, won first for her 
needlework and doll among the many crafts.
Next came time for Ted and James to load the goats 
for their judging.
Grandson James helped unload Fran and Marie 
from the back seat of their trusty goat-mobile.
Arriving at the fair, Fran and Marie were astonished 
to find next door two attractive, but 
much younger, competitors.
They met for a confab...
...and Fran checks the competition.
Again awarded FIRST PRIZE (fourth year) (Last year, 
they ate their ribbons, causing a kerfuffle!)
Paul & Ted untie goats: time to go.
Marie wonders what's holding Fran back.
They like going for a ride!
Safely back to the Old Homestead with their proud 
ribbon still attached.
Home sweet home!