Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toronto: Northern Stars Interview, May 2012

Northern Stars, a massive website which deals with 
film Canadiana asked if they could interview me for their website.
Northen Stars owner, the wonderful, gentle, handsome, Ralph Lucas 
turned up, and decided that the Boyd’s back garden would be ideal 
for the shooting.  Ralph finances the website all by himself, with no help 
from any charitable contributions, nor Telefilm nor the Canadian government. 
He does it as a labour of love
The tiny black device Ralph is holding is an HD camera 
which can shoot an amazing amount of film. 
He brought Wyndham Wise to interview me.  Wyndham is 
probably the foremost authority on Canadian Film.  He began Cinema Canada,
followed it through, and then edited Canadian Cinematographer,
among many occupations.  Now he is freelance writer.
Phil Pendry was the cameraman.   Phil is, believe it or not, 85 years old.  
He began in the 40s with the 35MM newsreels for cinemas.  
He spent three years in the Vietnam war, he’s shot all three 
Israel-Arabs wars.  Last week he spent 5 days shooting the girls
 of the Miss Universe contest, and in two weeks he’s off around the world 
shooting a documentary series...  An amazing man.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Montreal No.2 DIMSUM May 2012

As is becoming a tradition, Joan and I assembled those friends in town 
this long weekend who over the years have helped me at my company, 
Quest Film Productions Ltd — until it ceased, the oldest motion picture 
production house in Canada. I call them my “doodles”. But they are 
hardly little doodles any more. With their Quest training, they rose rapidly 
through the ranks and are now in positions of power!
 Stewart Harding worked for Quest for many years, learning the business, 
until he became a noted line producer in film centres across Canada. 
His wife, Cathy Wadas is in charge of infectious 
disease control on the West Island.
 Charles Faubert, soon after leaving Quest, became a bigwig at a l
arge software company. His lovely partner, Genevieve, has 
her own French publishing company in Montréal. 
 Thom K. Richardson first wrote scripts with Quest, then left,
 and now has authored a number of motion pictures, miniseries, 
and television series, the most recent being in post production right now.
Finally, Cary Lawrence, the daughter of my BCS friends, the Lawrence
 twins, and the star of The Dance Goes On (1980) took a break from her 
heavy rehearsal and filming schedule to join us.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Montreal, Atwater Library, May 15, 2012

 The Québec Writers Federation invited me to speak 
to them in the hallowed reading room of the 
Atwater Library on the border of Westmount.  
 Lori Schubert, the Executive Director, introduced me. 
 Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, myself included.
 From right to left, Jennifer and Glenn Bydwell, who were 
our hosts for the week in Montréal, came to hear me.  
Carol Elkins, our daughter-in-law, also enjoyed the talk.
 I was especially pleased to meet Ann Hervey Power, 
who was a pretty little girl of three when I was 
five years old.  I hadn’t seen her for some 75 years!

A special treat for me was meeting the daughter 
of the famed H. Gordon Green, Editor of the Family 
Herald and Weekly Star, who published my first story, 
“A Sheaf Of Wheat” in 1953.
 Linda Rutenberg, the world-famous photographer who 
often visits the Old Homestead in Shigawake (see 
Linda’s corner on my website) also came with her husband.    
Afterwards, I signed a good many books...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Atwater Library Reading, Montreal May 15, 2012


If you’ve not acquired The Pioneer and would enjoy reading a scintillating smattering of romance, adventure and hard times in the 1850s, you are hereby invited to:

Quebec Writers Federation gathering at
The Atwater Library Reading Room from 6 to 8. On May 15th

Dear Nicholas Hoare, whose classy bookstore has quenched Westmount’s thirst for literature these many years, will soon be closing his doors. So this is one of your last chances to support him by getting copies of The Alford Saga

If you HAVE read The Pioneer but would still enjoy chatting to Quebec writers, do drop in. I may deliver a few words, easily ignored as you down beer, wine or munchies supplied by Joan. You’ll have time afterwards to go out for a good Montreal dinner, sated with literature and bon mots, having worked up a fulsome appetite.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lobster Blog (#4)

The opening of the lobster season on the Gaspe Coast, a once a year happening,
 is an occasion for great celebrating. Fisherman gather, and onlookers. 
Hauling Traps. The boats are loaded with lobster traps in the afternoon, 
and sometimes at dawn.
 Lobsters - boats
Loading traps
Going out. They sail out into the Bay de Chaleurs to lay their traps. 
Cousin Ted Wright is involved in making most of the traps hereabouts, 
for local fishermen – clear about what colours they prefer. No matter that 
50 feet under the surface it is pitch dark, lobsters are colour blind, and 
enter the traps at dead of night. Somehow, they are often right.
Unloading. Fishermen unload the traps with catch the next morning. 
 Lobster catch
 Lobster feast
The BCS contingent, former headmaster Lewis Evans and former head 
of the English Department Catherine Evans, came to the opening feast 
with their son, Lewis, who teaches English here at Bonaventure Polyvalente, 
and his wife Crystal Duguay, who teaches math. Ted regaled us with stories 
of how really smart lobsters are. Did we regret eating them, therefore? 
You guess...