Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week in Montreal, April 2013

I had a packed week in Montréal (the trees already in leaf) 
going for the launch of my first French title, 
published by Québec Amerique --  Le Deserteur – 
now on sale.
Of course, I had lunch with its very brilliant, talented,
 and tough editor, Myriam Caron-Belzile.
I brought up from the Gaspé a cartoon of fresh lobsters, and we 
enjoyed a feast at the house of my friend Nina Safdie, whom I consider 
almost my sister. Glenn Bydwell, the distinguished
 designer and architect, was awaiting his share.
Beverly Mitchell, once a columnist for the Montréal Star and Gazette, 
her husband, my long-time accountant Bernie Leebosh, and 
Jennifer Bydwell, a film executive, were all there to celebrate.
I had my annual lunch with the editor and publisher of 
Art Global, who published one of my books, and one of Joan's.
Andrea Hazlewood at theSecond Cup on Greene Avenue 
agreed to help me sell some copies when I go to Montréal in three 
weeks for a set of book launches.  I met her when
she had written her thesis on my film Act of the Heart.
Then I was delighted to return to the peace and quiet of Shigawake. 
But the tracks ran dangerously close to the Bay.
The piles of snow were melting...
...and the crocuses and tiny flowers poking up 
through the dead leaves of autumn.