Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Launches Blog #6 Shigawake

The Shigawake Municipal Hall was filled for my last book 
launch of the week.
Deacon Pat Hayes introduced me...
...and later posed with me for a shot.
Amazing so many lined up for signatures. 
Enid Legros, the Coast’s most distinguished ceramic
artist, came to get a book.
Grandson James Elkins came again.
 Cousin Gloria Hayes, head of the Bonaventure Women’s 
Institute and frequent hostess of the Almonds, and 
former basketball coach John Affleck.
 Octogenarian Sarah Mackenzie, a pillar of St. Paul’s, 
gets her book signed.
Kenneth Duguay, Mayor of Shigawake for more 
than a quarter century, got his book signed as 
wife Sarah watched.

Summer Launches Blog #5 New Richmond

The church of St Mary Magdalen and St. Andrew’s United Church 
got together to hold their launch of The Pilgrim in this 
splendid small Anglican church, which ended up, even on a Sunday 
warm Gaspesian evening, hosting a fine turnout.
I spoke about my aim of finishing book number eight this summer, 
and alerted everyone that there were four more books coming: 
The Chaplain next year, two more the following year, and 
the eighth book in 2015. 
Number one organiser and a direct descendant of the Deserter, 
the dynamic Joan Dow is known throughout the Gaspe Coast 
for having founded the British Heritage Village in New Richmond.  
This year again, she raised a goodly sum for St Andrew’s by 
selling many dozens of books among her parish of eight worshippers 
and other readers across Canada.
Equally dynamic, Gail Martin made a goodly sum 
for the United Church.
June Martin, Gail’s sister, married many times and now single, 
came on her “cadillac”, a powered wheel chair, to buy books.
 Dr. Danielle Cyr, the linguistics professor recently retired from 
Toronto’s York University, edited the only Micmac dictionary 
published this century.  She was thus a great help with 
The Deserter, as well as my other books.
  Garry Lovatt, who works with the venerable Archdeacon in 
administering several churches in the region, talked to Joan 
Dow’s highly-qualified journalist and executive daughter, 
Cynthia, and Tom Duncan. 
Plentiful refreshments are the norm on the Gaspe Coast.   The Rector’s 
Warden Shirley Duncan, former director of the huge Eastern Shores 
School Board, helped the hard-working volunteers.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Launches Blog #4 New Carlisle

The Archdeacon of the Gaspe, the Venerable Randy Murray
(on the right), and his executive organiser, Garry Lovatt, 
invited me to St Andrew’s Anglican Church in New Carlisle 
for the launch of The Pilgrim. 
Philip Toone, the MP for Bonaventure, Gaspe and the 
Magdalen Islands, spoke about the NDP gains everywhere, 
and what they intend to do for the Gaspe Coast.

Afterwards, I signed books in front of Olive Smollett, 
who is the power behind the parish, and head 
of many volunteer organisations, including
the Senior Residence.  

Olive’s pretty granddaughter was on hand to 
help her with the refreshments.
Some readers were determined to stay
 to the end to get their books signed.

Summer Launches Blog #3 Pioneer Days

Pioneer Days in the Gaspe at Camp Haldemand is always 
a celebration. The Lord Bishop of Quebec, Dennis Drainville, 
spoke, as did the MP for Bonaventure, Gaspe, and 
the Magdalen Islands, Philip Toone.
Weston White, the Organiser, introduced me. 
I enjoyed extolling The Pilgrim, described by the Coast’s weekly 
newspaper, The Gaspe Spec, this week as 'Thrilling... 
enthralling... interesting and compelling.' 
I signed books for everyone, including this true Gaspesian. 

Cynthia Patterson, wife of the Bishop, chatted happily about 
the book to our MP, Philip Toone.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Launches Blog #2 Bathurst NB

In Bathurst, New Brunswick, another splendid library, 
the Smurfit-Stone, in the Centennial building (constructed 
for the Winter Olympics less than a decade ago)...
  ...invited me to talk on Tuesday.
This library had set up a display, seen here with 
me and my grandson, James, who sold books. 
Jennifer Iannuzzelli came from Head Office in 
Cambellton to help other staff and to introduce me.
Diane Gauthier, a library clerk, was also 
instrumental in the gathering.
They set up the talk in the adjacent Council 
Chambers, where I obviously enjoyed myself.
I was interviewed for the local paper, The Northern 
Light, by a dynamic intern, Alex Vietinghoff.
After the morning launch and talk (at which we sold 
a lot of books) we were taken to lunch at an unusual
 and rather splendid cafĂ© with a colourful proprietor, Lorne.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Launches, Blog #1, Campbelton

 New Brunswick has wonderful libraries!
 Tanya Endiguer, head of research for the Campbeltown 
Centennial Library welcomed me with a splendid sign.
Tanya, Victoria, and their committee, decorated the 
walls with book covers and set up a wonderful display. 
Grandson James came to sell books on behalf of the 
United Church in Campbellton.
Before the talk, volunteers in costume passed out refreshments.
The distinguished MP for Bonaventure, Philip Toone, a forceful 
voice for the NDP in Ottawa, brought his associate, Guy Caron, 
the MP for Rimouski.
I was introduced by Tanya.
Very pleasing to me to meet a direct descendant of Isaac Mann, 
Sheriff of Bonaventure, who figures in my books.  
Isaac’s grandson and mine posed.
Also a delight to meet a Helen Busteed, direct descendant 
of the Busteeds, who figure in Books Three and Four.
Prof. Danielle Cyr edited a Micmac dictionary with 
Manny Metallic, and his relative came to the launch.
Paul & James gathered the volunteers from the United Church 
who serve meals to the poor.